Exciting announcement!!

I am the new film scout for the East Texas area.  That includes the Texas State Railroad (which is privately owned now) which features such picturesque shots like the old time train bridges, heavily wooded areas, barns, ranches, etc.  The Texas State Railroad has been used in movies like “The Great Debaters” with Denzel Washington, “Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?” with George Clooney, and also stunts like Robbie Knievel jumping the train back in 1999.

With the TSRR now being privately owned this means that the incentives to film at this location are now greater in benefits for the productions looking for greater incentives than possible in the past when the RR was state owned.

The option of having other great terrain available is just a bonus.  If you need it in a film (except snow) we have it here in East Texas.  If you have friends that are directors, producers, cast members…whatever!!  Tell them, “I know where you can get the best sunset captured on film.”

We’re waiting to offer you some great Texas lemonade, hometown hospitality, and a terrific place to film or video your next commercial, training video, full length feature film, video game…etc.  Come see us!


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