Presidential candidates are terrible salespersons!!

I getting a little purterbed at both McCain and Obama, and not for what you are probably thinking.  Both of these guys are terrible salespersons.  Let’s take a look at both of them:

Obama gets to go first, and he actually has good qualities. 1) He has a charisma about him, which is great for a salesperson. 2) He appears to be comfortable in various situations with people too.

Now for the stuff that would make one lose a sale if Obama were a salesperson:  He has a tendency to continue making bad choices that are very shady.  Examples, I think at this point in the campaign don’t necessarily have to be deep in substance, just the appearance of it is bad enough and proves bad decisions happened.  Ok, the first is the obvious association with a person who wanted to blow up certain buildings in our country, Bill Ayers.  It is fact that he is unrepentent about what he did and wanted to do.  It is fact that Obama started his campaign in Ayers’ living room. BAD DECISION!! If you are running for the presidency of the USA you better know something about the past of the people you have supporting you with parties and money.  If this Ayers guy is supporting Obama what is his reasoning for doing that?  Could it be that Ayers sees someone that aligns with his own beliefs, as warped as they are?

Obama’s second questionable decision is the choosing of his running mate, Joe Biden.  Of all the people that he could have had as a running mate, he picks the guy that keeps putting his foot in his mouth. That puts Obama in a questionable light about his decision making.  Is Joe a great guy?  Probably so, but he seems like the older, gentler Dan Quayle!!  So, was it a good decision on Obama’s part?  There were better options to go.  BAD DECISION

Alright, so what about John McCain?  He has some good qualities too.  1) He has experience….LOTS! 2)He makes consistently good to great decisions. 3)He can work with people regardless of their party affiliation.

Now for the losing the sale points on McCain.  He will cost America some money with his health care plan, less than Obama’s but it’s not by much.

He is exaggerating facts about Obama, just like Obama is on McCain.  The facts, by the way, can be found on  Check that out when you get a chance.

So in weighing out each candidate, McCain is probably the safest choice for us as a nation.  It’s not McCain alone though.  His choice of Palin as VP is a good one and rounds out the ticket nicely.  She resounds with the people that have “normal” lives in our country and she doesn’t line up with the Hollywood left which is a good thing.  Obama’s ticket is less attractive because of his choices of running mate and past associations with shady people.

So, the salesman in me says that the biggest problem that both of these guys have and maybe our government too, is they don’t underpromise and overdeliver.  It always the opposite.


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