Sunday’s list for October 26th, 2008

It was really a great Sunday to worship.  We started a little differently today than we normally do.  The slower songs made their way to the front of the list and the more rocking ones made it to the middle.  Here are the songs and the order to the best my memory can tell:

We Will Ride – I have no idea who wrote this song.

Lift High – Steve Fee

Break for welcom from Pastor Barry

Beautiful the Blood – Steve Fee

Baptism and Prayer

Oh Lord, You’re Beautiful – Michael W. Smith

Yearn – Shane and Shane

Message by Pastor Barry

Only You – David Crowder

We have a tendency to continue to draw from the same new songs for a month or so to keep the congregation’s mind on them and get them into their spirits.

There it is.  Make sure you check out for other worship leaders set lists from the same date as this one.


4 Responses

  1. Brad,
    Either I’ve missed you are you are new.
    Either way thanks for joining us. Had to laugh about this being the best your “memory could tell”.
    THe ONLY reason I like bulletins, is when I don’t get a copy of the order of service. That way I can remember what we sang. LOL.

  2. O Lord, You’re Beautiful. Is that the old Keith Green song, redone by Smith? I’ve got that on tab for next week. Thanks for sharing.

  3. mixing in the Fee. love it. I met him about 10 years ago when he wasn’t really out there yet…..was way cool. Great set list.

  4. man, i love the david crowder song “Only You”… so intimate, omg… anyway brad, the We Will Ride is by Lindell Cooley fro the Brownsville Worship album. you should check out another awesome song by Lindell, its called “it’s Time”, off the Open Up The Sky album. later dude.

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