Sunday Setlist for November 2.

All in all our set went really well this morning.  Of course it helps when you get to run through it for the Saturday night service first.  Anyway, here is the setlist:

Holy, Holy – Christ for the Nations

Normally we have a break here and was scheduled to do so, but Bro. Barry was nowhere close when we finished the first song….so without missing a beat, I moved to the next one.

How Can I Keep from Singing – Tomlin

Lifesong – Casting Crowns


You Are Enough -No idea

Awake My Soul – No idea


Come Home Running

Our Pastor is preaching a series on “Getting Your Passion Back”

God is doing some great work on our congregation and hopefully yours too.

Check out more setlists from other worship pastors on and participate in leaving comments.


3 Responses

  1. Lifesong is a song I’ve been wanting to do as a worship song since it came out, but for some reason I just don’t do it. How’d it go for you?

  2. When I was music directing full time, we always called the Saturday night service the ‘rehearsal service’. From time to time the pastor or the head of the Arts Dept. would say, “Now, let’s not let tonight’s service turn into a run-through,” but as we’d get ready to walk onstage we all knew; this is the second run-through we really needed.

  3. How Can I Keep from Singing is such an infectious tune.

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