Sunday Setlist November 8th & 9th 2008

Greeting to everyone,

I certainly hope everyone had a great time in the Lord today as we did today.  People were down at the altars before we finished playing the 2nd song.  As usual, I forgot the setlist at the church so I am going to try and remember it for you.  Until that time comes, here is the plug for Sunday Set lists for where you can check out what other worship pastors did as well.  Ok…I think I remember, so here it is:

Beautiful the Blood – Fee

Welcome by Pastor Barry

Take All of Me – Hillsong

How Great Is Your Love/ Your Love Oh Lord Medley in F – MercyMe/Third Day

Prayer/ Offertory/Baptism

Holy Spirit Rain Down – Hillsong

Hungry – I never remember who wrote this one.

I may have forgotten a song, but I think that is all since we did have a baptism today.  You can also check out a really cool site I’ve been frequenting called  I think you will find it very informative and you get to meet people like me.

Have a blessed day,



4 Responses

  1. Hey Brad! cool blog, man. hey the Hungry song is by Kathryn Scott with Vineyard from back in ’99 on the album of the same name…(H-town dayz, haha)… we definitely entered in with that song alot back then, especially in the classroom 🙂 later bro!

  2. Kathryn Scott.

    I wasn’t aware Hillsong did “Holy Spirit Rain Down.” I’ll have to look that up. We do that song quite a bit, in a gospel-ly way…

    Nice set.

  3. Beautiful the Blood! Great song!

  4. I love “Holy Spirit, Rain Down” — would love to do this one at church sometime. It’s a beautiful song and it’s my prayer as well!

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