Sunday Set List for November 16, 2008

Hello to all,

Another amazing Sunday to be playing for The King of Kings.  Here is how our morning went:

Holy, Holy – Christ for the Nations

Announcements and Welcome

Voice of Truth – Casting Crowns

Lift High – Steve Fee

Grace Will Be My Song – Steve Fee

Word of God Speak – MercyMe

Message: “When God Speaks”

Special Music ?  I’ve never heard it before.  It was a canned something or another.

Altar time:

Word of God Speak


Bridge part to Grace Will Be My Song – Fee

There you go!  Leave a comment here and make sure you check out other  worship pastors services at Fred McKinnon’s web site below.

Keep the Son in your eyes,



4 Responses

  1. VOICE OF TRUTH–Brad, how do your people do on this one? I’ve wondered how it will play in a congregational setting.

    thanks for posting your list.

  2. Great set! Love the Fee songs!

  3. FEEEEEEE. He seems to be making his way into all our sets.


    We’re getting ready to do some Fee. Love those songs you did.

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