Sunday Set List for November 30th, 2008

Hello fellow worship leaders and musicians.  As always, I want to encourage you to go to Fred’s site and see what is going on in other worship services across the globe.  Do it here:

Today was very different for us.  Not because of songs, but because our youth pastor would be the deliverer of the message this morning.  Our pastor and his wife left this morning to get on a Carnival cruise boat and will be gone for 7 days.  So we had a little more “freedom” as far as doing what we wanted.

Jason, our youth pastor, had an amazing word from the Lord about the standing of the church today as compared to what it looked like shortly after Stephen was martyred.  The most eye opening statements today were probably, “Today, people get up and leave a church because they don’t like the music.  Where in the time of Acts, the people were of one accord in the midst of extreme outside persecution.” and “People today are more concerned with their wallets than the souls of the people sitting in church next to them.”  It was potent, and souls were saved.  That is always the most important thing.

So, on with the list:


Lifesong – Casting Crowns

This one always goes over well because most of our congregation got to go to a CC concert after an elder payed for them to go.  It was a good concert too.  Casting Crowns, Leeland, and John Waller.


Beautiful the Blood – Fee

I don’t exactly know how many people in our church listen to Fee, but we brought back a lot of their music after we attended the East Coast Worship Conference in Philly this past June, and they were there.

Our God Saves – Baloche

Baloche was at the conference too, and his church in Lindale, TX,  is only an hour from my house.  No….I’ve never been to his church….one day!

Prayer and Offertory

Lift High – Fee

Message: Jason


Breathe – Baloche?

I always like to play this song.  We play it in G and we always take it a little off the cuff.  Today I put an improvised Steve Lukather-ish (Toto) type solo in it.  My guitar was pleading with people to come forward and give their hearts to the Lord.

All in all, it was a great service musically and spiritually.  Quick side note: Our drummer broke sticks.  He was in the Spirit to the point I couldn’t watch without laughing.  He gets hyper on the drums when the Spirit moves like that.

Have a blessed week.  Please leave a comment, and I’ll return the favor.



7 Responses

  1. Hey, cool set! I haven’t heard anything by Fee, but I see his songs popping up everywhere. I am definitely going to check him out.

  2. love Beautiful the Blood. the original key is funky but great great song.

  3. We did All Because (Fee) today for the second time. It was good. We love all of Paul Baloche’s stuff?

    When will you start doing Christmas stuff?

  4. Great Set! Love “Beautiful the Blood”.
    Have a great week!

  5. Love Fee stuff! Sounds like a great weekend.

  6. fee has some good stuff to offer…beautiful the blood is good, but haven’t pulled that one out for a service yet…

  7. I had some defective sticks ok………..they were cheap and on sale…… quit watching me worship…

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