Sunday Set List for December 7th, 2008

Hello everyone.

This past week has been really hard on everyone.  My wife’s dad has been in the hospital on a breathing machine since the Monday after Thanksgiving.  Practices have been sparse and Christmas is bearing down on us rapidly.  His situation isn’t looking good.  Please pray for the Hensley family.  I fear things will get even more difficult here in a couple of more days.

Regardless of all that stuff, our God is worthy to be praised.  We had a great time with our King today.  Here is how it went down:

Opening: Unveil- Jeff Deyo

We brought this one back after the ECWC in Philly.  Jeff Dixon, our missionary from China, is home for a while and has done some ministry work with Jeff Deyo in Singapore.  “I looked up and thought you were Trent (Schwartzentruber)!” he said, after the service.  What a great compliment.  Trent is Deyo’s guitarist and kicks some major booty on the guitar.

For Who You Are – Hillsong

This one is getting a lot of attention lately.  When we first heard this song, no one really liked it.  So I came up with a Rush, Xanadu, type feel at the beginning and it has become a congregation favorite.

Greeting: Jason

God With Us – MercyMe

Anything by Mercy Me is amazing and the songs always come off without a hitch.

Jesus Messiah- Tomlin

This was our first time to do this for the congregation but obviously, since it is getting some major air play, it is a good one to do.  Not one of Tomlin’s most musically interesting songs, but the words really grip your heart.

Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone)- Tomlin

Message: Jason


Rescue- Anderson

Overall a great service and the message was awesome too.  Lots came down at altar time and some were just weeping at the feet of the Saviour.  A beautiful time with the Lord today.  How did your Sunday go?  Find out what other worship leaders did over at Fred’s, here:

Leave me a comment and I’ll return the favor.

Keep the Son in your eyes,



4 Responses

  1. Great setlist! I will be doing Jesus Mesiah pretty soon myself.

  2. We did “For Who You Are” this week as well. One person came up and testified how the lyric “…my soul secure, your promise sure, your love endures, always…” had been what she needed to hear that day.

    Great sounding set!

  3. “God with Us” I hear that one on the radio all the time and never thought of doing that one in a worship set. Great idea! Thanks

  4. Taking to heart what you said about Mercy Me and checking out some more of their stuff. Thanks for the comment.

    I love that so many of us are using Amazing Grace (My Chains are Gone) with success – it’s such a great piece and it just kind of billows out from the heart.

    Second time I’ve seen Rescue among the FMcK bunch so I guess I’d better find out what it’s all about. Never seem to have enough time to learn all the new wonderful stuff.

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