Sunday Set List for December 14th, 2008

Hello once again to everyone from Palestine, Texas.

As always, you should check out Fred McKinnon’s website to see more setlists from other worship leaders.  if you want to copy and paste or just hit sunday setlists to the right.

Here is how our Sunday went:

Forever – Tomlin

It has been a while since we have played this one, but it is always a good one.

Welcome: Pastor Barry

All Because of Jesus – Fee

A favorite of ours, even if the way we play it is more like Casting Crowns

Jesus Messiah – Tomlin

Ok, I’ll admit this one is getting a lot of attention lately.  The last 2 Sundays we have been playing it there are always people that come to the altar and cry and worship.  Great song.

Nothing But the Blood – Redman

You Are the One – Brewster

It has been a while since we have done this one too.  One of my favorites from Lincoln.

Message: Pastor Barry


Amazed – Brewster

Another one of my favorites.

We had a pretty good service today.  Our back up bass player, Ben, stepped in for Cavin today.  He did a great job.  We did have some issues with Darren’s wireless mic having a kazoo like fizziness to it.  The really great news is that our board will be replaced soon.  Obviously the thing we’re using is about to kick the bucket.  So a Monster power supply and a new Allen and Heath board is what we are going for.  

I haven’t done this before, but I’ll list all of the musicians below and I’m going to create links on the right for you to view their myspace or facebook pages if they have one.

Vocals:  Darren Goodman

Bass: Cavin Dorsey

Keys:  Danna Hafner, Vicki Stringfield

Acoustic Guitar:  Jonnhie Adams, Terry Garner

Electric Guitar:  Brad Hafner

Drums: Jason Stringfield


8 Responses

  1. Nice set, you guys do some good music there. That’s frustrating when equipment gets buggy right in the middle of a service!

  2. Forever…yes, always a good one. Thanks for sharing.

  3. What? No Christmas songs? We had issues with my mic and in ear today–I’ll just blame it on the West Texas wind whistling through this morning.

    Are you in East Texas?

    • We are saving all the Christmas songs for the Christmas service next Sunday. We are in East Texas. Hometown of Adrian Peterson, if you like Vikings football.

  4. Great setlist! I am thinking about doing Jesus Messiah soon I still don’t know when.

  5. Jesus Messiah has been a great Christmas tune for us this year.

  6. You did a lot of great songs. I really like All because, You are the one and amazed. Honestly I guess I like them all 🙂

  7. Great Set List! Love “All Because of Jesus”!!!
    Thanks for the comment.

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