Setlist Action for January 18th, 2009

Hello to all you worshippers out there,

After being out of pocket last week with my father-in-law’s memorial service, it was great to be back playing for the King.  The memorial service was amazing as well. Thank you to everyone that has been praying for my wife, grandma, and Aunt Holli.  We felt all of your prayers.

Today’s service we exceptional.  The Holy Spirit was doing His thing. We had a baptism today as well as a salvation.  So…the suspense is killing you, isn’t it?  Here is what our setlist at Evangelistic Temple looked like today:

Unchanging- Tomlin

If I remember correctly, we may have listened to this song once before putting our own spin on it.  I honestly don’t remember what the original song sounds like, but it is in the original key of Ab and around 120 bpm.

Hosanna- Baloche

I particularly like the way the vocal harmonies stack out on this tune. We do 2 versions of this one.  The Promise Keeper band from 2006 had a really neat version starting with a G mixolydian (Gmajor but with a b7) rock vamp at the beginning.  We do that one for the youth services.  We pretty much stick to Paul’s version in big church, which is the version we played today.

For Who You Are – Hillsong

We play this one quite a bit too.  The intro we came up with sounds more like Rush to me than anything else we do.  Cross the Rush songs “Dreamline” and “Xanadu” and that is pretty much what the beginning to this one sounds like plus I get a solo on this one.  We recorded today.  So maybe someday I’ll get to put a clip up so you guys can hear it.

Never Let Go- Redman

We began this one while the offering was being finished up.  Darren let us kind of simmer a bit, as the band, and do some prophetic improvising on our instruments until he finally came in vocally on the first verse.  Very cool stuff.  

Offering- Baloche

Since doing the Christmas version of this one by Casting Crowns, we have kinda molded the 2 into 1.  It’s sounds weird, I know, but we pull it off well.


Lord, I Give You My Heart

Everytime we do this one it’s different.  Today it had a sweet openness about it. I don’t know how else to explain it.


Hosanna Chorus

It was a lot of fun to be playing again after a week off.  Danna, my wife, during Never Let Go had a vision of her dad wearing a tuxedo, directing the choir in heaven(He was a high school choir director for 33 years!) .  Needless to say, she was able to worship with everything she had in her and it was beautiful to watch.  

This is a part of the Sunday Setlists blog over at  Click the link below and tell everyone about your worship service.  It doesn’t matter if you play in the band or are involved with the congregation, we’d all like to hear how God moved in your services.

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Keep the Son in your eyes,



Darren Goodman- Vocals

Johnie Adams, Terry Garner- Acoustic Guitars

Cavin Dorsey- Bass Guitar, Music Director

Vicki Stringfield, Danna Hafner- Keys, Vocals

Brad Hafner- Electric Guitar

Metro Gnome- Time keeper and in ear monitor madness


10 Responses

  1. Never Let Go. Good song. Our fellowship loves it. The youth group did that this week, so I opted to not be redundant and play it for this morning. It’ll come up, I’m certain, in the next couple of weeks.

  2. re Unchanging – love that your own version sticks in your head. I try to discourage our team from being copyist (which a lot of teens want to be), but even when I think we have copied – I listen to the original and think ‘nope, we’ve Harboursided it’. Bless you Brad!

  3. great story about your wife–her worship experience imagining her dad. I’m reminded of the old saying “when you know where they are they are never really gone from you”

    thanks for sharing.

  4. We did “For who You are” today also! Thanks for sharing your wifes vision, I’m sure it was very comforting to her. It sounds like you had a great time of worship.

  5. Great list.

    I love Hosanna.

  6. Great set! We have done “For Who You Are” a good bit as well. Thanks for sharing, have a great week!

  7. “she was able to worship with everything she had in her and it was beautiful to watch”

    These are my best moments. When I spot someone just giving it all up.

  8. Too funny about the Rush songs… I’m not going to able to play “For Who You Are” without thinking about it!!! 🙂

  9. Thanks for the comments guys. I’m ready to see what God is going to do next week in all of our services.

  10. Looking forward to it mate!

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