Worship Confessional 2.8.09

I hope everyone had a great day like we did today. We had 5 get baptized this morning.  God is good. 

Yep, it’s time for another Sunday Setlist installment.  Thanks Fred for putting this together.  Everyone check out Fred’s site here:


Without further ado, here is how we  did things at Evangelistic Temple this morning:

Unchanging – Chris Tomlin

Hosanna – Paul Baloche (PK7 Version)

We convinced Darren that the PK7 version of this  song is not too much for our congregation today.  Danna put a really cool piano/string with a big-time Coldplay (“Clocks”) feel in it.  Very tasteful!

Sing To the King – Billy Foote

Great song!  We, as always, do it a little differently than the original version.  I use a very different sound for this one plus a phasor for the sliding electric line.(not the dance)

My Savior, My God – Aaron Shust

How Great is Our God – Chris Tomlin

Message:  Dr. Barry Roberts


Here I am to Worship/Call Upon the Name of the Lord – Hillsong

There was a lot of freedom for expression and musicality on the band’s part today.  I hope that continues.  It was almost easy to get into God’s presence today.  What a wonderful day.  How was yours?  Leave a comment and I’ll do the same.


Darren- Vocals

Danna- Keys/Bgv

Vicki- Keys

Jason- Drums

Cavin- Bass

Johnie- Acoustic

Terry- Acoustic

Brad- Electric

Metro Gnome- um….yeah!

Tabula Rasa- My cool new blinky toy that sat in front of my pedalboard.


4 Responses

  1. Looks good .. thanks for sharing the songs with us, as always, and thanks for being a part of “Sunday Setlists”

    For the Kingdom,
    Fred McKinnon

  2. I’m convinced that this – “There was a lot of freedom for expression and musicality on the band’s part today.” and this – “It was almost easy to get into God’s presence today.” are linked. I almost inevitably find that when we bring our creativity and use it in freedom, it’s like we can reach out and touch Him right there…

  3. Sounds like a great set. I’ve never heard the pk7 version of Hosanna. I’ll have to check that out.

    Just noticed your church is Evangelistic Temple. That was the name of our church until about a year ago. We went through a lot of changes in leadership etc and during that time changed the name to Crosspointe Church.

  4. Louise, you’re right. They are often tied together. Time to have a meeting with our worship pastor so we can possibly put our finger on the pulse of this and keep it going. Thanks for your insight.

    Steff, We have actually, in the past talked about changing the name of the church to Highpoint Community Church. Why did they change yours?

    Fred, Thanks for putting it together for us to do this.


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