The Downbeat Confessional 02.22.09

Greetings once again from Evangelistic Temple in Palestine, TX.

I really hope that those of you that participate and view other worship leader’s posts from Fred’s site ( are truly finding yourselves “stretched” when looking at others song services.  I know our team is looking forward to new song ideas and lots of them come from what you guys are doing out there.  

Without further ado, here’s the downbeat:

Famous One – Chris Tomlin

It’s an oldie but a goodie.  We do it a bit differently though. We use more open voicings in the verse.  My first chord in the verse is an Amin9 instead of the written Amin7.  I know it’s a minor change (rimshot, crash) but the  B note adds a little more umph and attitude than the G note, in my opinion.

Greetings from Pastor:

Our God Saves – Paul Baloche

This one is pretty much just like the CD, but I get a little solo in there with the dotted eighth note delay and wah.  I think we play it around 100 bpm instead of the slower 96 bpm.

Everlasting God – Brenton Brown

We combine Lincoln Brewster’s version and Brenton Brown’s version on this one.  I don’t take a solo on this one, mainly because Linc is the man when it comes to doing that sort of thing.  My solo on this one would sound more like Steve Lukather meets Alex Lifeson.


You Reign – MercyMe

We introduced this one to our congregation today.  They love it.   It’s another song I get to play a dotted eighth note rhythm on part of the time.  I love the F melodic minor (same as F minor but with a major 7) walk up back to the chorus at the end.  Powerful!

Highest – Hillsong

I absolutely love this song.  First of all, my wife gets to sing lead and she slays it!  Second, it’s so easy to worship with this one.  Third, I get to solo twice, usually winding my way through a G Mixolydian scale but often adding the flat 5 for flavor the first time.  The second solo is more blowing and usually improvised in F Lydian, but resolves on the 5, G.

Message: Dr. Barry Roberts (The Importance of Kindness) It’s a fruit of the Spirit!


On Eagles Wings – Hillsong

Hungry – Kathryn Scott

As always, you can participate in this madness too over at Fred’s website.

Leave a comment for me and I will respond on your blog, if you have one, or on this one, if you don’t.  God bless you and see you next week.

Keep the Son in your eyes,



Darren – Vocals

Cavin – Bass

Danna – Keys and vocals

Vicki – Keys

Terry – Acoustic

Johnie – Acoustic

Jason – Drums

Brad – Electric


6 Responses

  1. Brad,
    Sounds like a good service! There’s not much left on the solo once Linc is done with it, is there!

    For the Kingdom,
    Fred McKinnon

    • Thanks. Lincoln is an extension of his guitar! He’s an amazing player!

  2. Wow, you do 7 songs – that must be so much fun! We typically do 5-6; that’s just not enough time to stay engaged in some deep moments of worship. But we’re working on getting there quicker! I’ve used the bridge from You Reign as a tag on We Fall Down (Tomlin). So beautiful.

  3. Sounds like a great day! I love “You Reign” thinking about adding that one soon. Highest is a powerful song!

  4. Brad –

    Nice set man! I’m sure Dana rocked that song – one of my all time favs as well. I’m gonna check out “You Reign”. We did “God With Us” a few Sundays back and it seems most of their songs are received well – thanks for the post!

  5. I love your site!

    Experiencing a slow PC recently? Fix it now!

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