The Downbeat 3.8.09

Welcome to my little world of blogging.  My name is Brad.  I will be your host as we travel through the events of this Sunday. All I can really say about today is God is AWESOME!  Just had a great time in Him today at Evangelistic Temple here in Palestine, TX.   Follow the link below to see what other worship pastors around the world did today.

So hold on to your dentures!  Here we go:

How Can I Keep From Singing – Chris Tomlin

We love this song because it’s one of the few in 6/8 that really rocks.  Usually we use a song like this for transition from praise to worship.  Not today! This was the lead off song.

Beautiful the Blood – Steve Fee

If your band isn’t doing this song yet, it needs to be.  We do it in the original key, C#.  I know, I know….tough key, right?  It’s worth it.  We actually only have one electric player and there are 2 parts, so Vicki, one of our keyboard players does it.

Saved the Day – Phillips Craig & Dean

We pretty much do this song the way that PCD does it, except there is an added vocal that is almost an echo, the elecric guitar is using a really driving distortion and there is a guitar solo on the outro.  Cool stuff!  Think Toto meets Rush.


Draw Me Lord – Selah

It’s been a while since we have done this one.  I don’t know why we haven’t done this one.  God was so powerful during this song today.

Offering  – Paul Baloche

“Pretty standard proceedure really…” – Dr. Evil  Yep just like the CD pretty much on this one today except for the final G chord.  We held it out and went into the hymn….

Great is Thy Faithfulness – 

Danna and Darren slayed this today!  What else can I say…heartfelt and worshipful.

Worthy is the Lamb – Hillsong

This is where the bottom fell out in the church.  It was just a huge downpouring of the Spirit.  An amazing time.

Message:  Dr. Barry Roberts “Faithfulness”


Draw Me Lord

There you have it.  A marvelous day of praise and worship.  The altars were full.  God moved mightily.

Well, you’re here reading this.  You might as well comment, right?  I’ll make sure I comment back.  

Keep the Son in your eyes,



Darren – Lead Vocals

Danna – Keys/Bgvls and Lead vocals

Vicki – Keys

Jason – Drums

Cavin – Bass

Johnie – Acoustic

Terry – Acoustic

Brad – Electric

Metro Gnome – Felt left out.  He only got used on 2 songs.


8 Responses

  1. …..we have got to get some windshield wipers for my drum booth….and I speak for Gnome…he didn’t show up because he didn’t get to church on time….get it? LOL…..Seriously great service today…I am glad God used us for his Glory.

    • I don’t get the windshield wiper thing. Are you spitting while inside the drum booth, or is someone spitting at you while you’re in the drum booth?

  2. Wow–Brad sounds like a great day. I would have loved SAVED THE DAY–that’s one of my fave PCD songs.

    Wish that we could sing that much–I think it would plow the ground of worship more.. we’re just not there yet.

  3. Hey we did “Offering” today too.
    Love “Beautiful the Blood” great song!

  4. Hey we did “offering” today too! “Beautiful the blood” is a great song!

  5. That looks like a great set! I love Great is Thy Faithfulness.

  6. So when you do a 6/8 song like “How can I Keep From Singing” is the congregation swaying back and forth? I just noticed last week that ours did when we sang “Awaken our Hearts”

  7. Awesome set, man! We are currently working Worthy Is The Lamb into our rotation. So worshipful! Actually, I’m working on a medley with that song and Revelation Song, as done by Gateway Worship. We may just transcend into heaven right there from our sanctuary on that one! LOL!


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