The Downbeat 3.15.09

Greetings to everyone.  Thanks for tuning in to what went on at Evangelistic Temple in little Palestine, TX.  As always, this is part of Fred’s Sunday Setlist blog.  Check it out here:

Today was a little different.  We didn’t have my wife playing keys since she is in the Mediterranean somewhere with her mom on a cruise.  With that said, Vicki did a great job, all alone, on keys today.  We can’t wait for Danna’s return though, or at least I can’t! 🙂

Let’s get to it:

For Who You Are – Hillsong (B)

We play this one a lot.  So today I tried some different ideas on the solo section out of C#Dorian and E Lydian.  Eh….I liked it better when it was improvised.  Oh well.

God With Us – MercyMe (B)

Great tune.  I use a very weird modulation effect on the guitar fill ins.  I have no idea what it is, but it sounds cool and I didn’t see any sour looking faces in the congregation.

Jesus Messiah – Chris Tomlin (B)

Announcements/Offertory: Dr. Barry Roberts

Gideon Presentation – The Gideons

Hallelujah – Hillsong United (Bb)

This was a new one for us.  REAL NEW!!  We decided, in Darren’s office this morning, to do it after offering time.  We’d never played it before.  Anyway, it went well.   Usually we have a longer song service too, but we started late.

Now….since you’ve made it this far, comment me please.  I try my best to comment back, but am not always able to do so. Chances are if you are participating in the goofyness we call Sunday Setlists too, I’m reading your blog.  I do try to comment when I have time to do so, but when someone comments on my blog I put in the extra effort to comment back. 

Keep the Son in your eyes,



Darren- Lead Vocals

Cavin – Bass/Musical director

Jason – Drums

Metro Gnome- Time keeper, in ear silliness

Johnie – Acoustic

Terry- Acoustic

Vicki – Keys

Brad- Electric/Acoustic


5 Responses

  1. I still haven’t heard any of the new Tomlin stuff. I’m so swamped with other stuff in line in front of him. I’ll get to it. From the looks of it, lots of congregations are responding to Jesus Messiah.

  2. We did “Jesus, Messiah” for the first time today in worship. I know that because they told us so.
    It rocked…
    But, I have to ask…do other worship leaders make a big deal when intro’ing a new song? Our leaders do. It’s rather disconcerting. Someone turned around today and even said, why do they do that?.
    Even if it is for the edification of new people, aren’t a lot of the songs going to be new to them anyway? The way our congregation sings, they are all singing full blast at the end of the “new song”. We either pick it up that quickly, or we stay current…
    Just curious…

  3. Hi this blog is great I will be recommending it to friends.

  4. I really like “For Who You Are.” We do it quite a bit lately. Sounds like a great setlist!

  5. Love “God with us” and “Jesus Messiah”! Great song choices. Wow! You guys are pretty brave to pull out a new one that you had never practiced 🙂

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