The Downbeat 4.5.09

Greetings!  What a wonderful day in the Lord.  The service was packed and there was a real sense of urgency to worship today in Evangelistic Temple.  If you’re ever coming through Palestine, TX, please stop and visit us.  We’d love to have you with us.

This blog is a part of the participation over at Fred’s site.  You can follow this link:

Hold on tight!

Walk – in: You Reign – MercyMe

Pastor greeting/announcements

O Praise Him – David Crowder

Hallelujah – Ben Cantalon

Lift High – Steve Fee


I Will Rise/Jesus Messiah (Medley) – Chris Tomlin

This is the first week that we tried I Will Rise.  The flow for that song straight into Jesus Messiah is seamless.  It’s like they were made to go together.  This big part of it was the congregation loved the surprise into the second song.  After the bridge of I Will Rise we went into the chorus of I Will Rise then into the chorus of Jesus Messiah. We did not play the verses of Jesus Messiah.  IT WAS OFF THE CHAIN!!!

Message:  Dr. Barry Roberts


Offering – Paul Baloche

I Will Rise (Reprise)

There were some people laying on the floor crying out to God, altars at our church are always open, so people were down there too.  Just a wonderful day to serve a wonderful God.

Leave me a comment if you wish.  I wish you would!

Keep the Son in your eyes,




Darren – Vocals

Jason- Drums (Gnome programmer)

Cavin – Bass/Music Director

Danna – Keys/Bgvs

Vicki – Keys

Johnie – Acoustic

Terry – Acoustic

Brad – Electric

Metro Gnome – Timekeeper  (No relation to the travelocity Gnome)


4 Responses

  1. Sounds like a seriously awesome service. Don’t you just love it when those tunes fit like a glove? Ha! I need to check out that Hallelujah song by Cantalon

  2. Great song choices! I really like them all. The only one I don’t know is Hallelujah. I like the I will rise/Jesus Messiah medley.

  3. Thanks for the I will Rise/Jesus Messiah medley idea, sounds great!

  4. Great recap Brad! I agree with the women – the I Will Rise/Jesus Messiah medley is a sweet idea. Best of luck, or maybe better – best of preparation for Sunday. I’m sure it will be great and we’re finding that people will rise to the level of expectation, so here’s hoping for a great Easter!

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