Shakeology + P90X = Magic


Hello everyone,

I’m now 3 weeks into Shakeology combined with P90X and I’ve gotten down to 195 lbs.  I feel great!  My wife says I am looking better and she is feeling better with Shakeology first thing in the morning too.  Make sure you check out the video above about all the nutrition that is in this monster of a great tasting shake.  

Most of you know that I’m a coach for beachbody.  Please, please, send me an email if you would like to try Shakeology.  You really need to try it at least for a month.  Greenberry is very good and we just ordered the chocolate.  So in a few days we will be able to give you a critique of that flavor as well.  The chocolate has 2 more grams of protein per serving so that will be an added benefit to that flavor.  

Lots of you are concerned about the monetary costs of Shakeology.  It comes to about $4.00 per day.  Most of us do that at Starbucks without batting an eyelash! This is much better for you and in my opinion tastes better.  But what about the health costs?  Are you getting all your nutrition you need everyday without fail?  I was not.  Now I do!

Do you have problems with high cholesterol?  Good news for you.  Shakeology lowers that bad cholesterol on average of 30% and up to 90% in some cases.  By the way, that was the test group that didn’t exercise.  What if you exercise?  

I’m about to end my first 90 days of P90X.  I will restart this program immediately.  I’m just now to the point where I should have been when starting it the first time through.  That means that I’m looking forward to the combination of Shakeology + P90X to = Magic.  

 If you’ve been wanting to get into shape  for a while but feel intimidated at the gym with all the fit people working out, or hate waiting on a machine, check out P90X or one of the other great workouts from Beachbody.  There is a link on the right called Brad’s Beachbody Coach’s Corner.  You can find all the information there.  You can even join WOWY, the online Supergym, to log your workouts and have a chance to win money and prizes.  There is a drawing everyday.  Or maybe you want to become a coach.  You can earn money by working out and telling others what you’re doing to get into shape.  I’d love to help you reach your goals.  

Brad Hafner

Independent Beachbody Coach


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  1. Hello, I am starting p90x and have heard about this shakeology and was wondering would it be good for you to take the shakology after each p90x workouts and would it do amazing things for your body? thank you if could reply

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