The Downbeat 5.3.09

We had a marvelous day at Evangelistic Temple here in Palestine, TX.

We baptized 7 this morning.  God is doing some heart surgery in our youth groups and it’s awesome to watch.  Alright on with the set list.  Make sure you cruise over to Fred’s to see what other worship leaders are doing in their church’s too.

Walk In: For Who You Are – Hillsong

Pastor’s Greeting

You Never Let Go – Matt Redman

How Great Is Your Love – MercyMe


Bring the Rain- MercyMe

Made Me Glad- Hillsong

Message:  Dr. Barry Roberts (New Series, Marriage Madness) You can listen to the sermon at by clicking on sermon connect.


Amazed – Lincoln Brewster

Thanks for stopping by.  Comment if you dare!  See ya next week.

Keep the Son in your eyes,


BAND: (The usual culprits!)

Darren Goodman- Vocals

Danna Hafner – Keys/Lead on Made Me Glad

Jason Stringfield- Drums

Vicki Stringfield- Keys

Cavin Dorsey- Bass

Johnie Adams- Acoustic Guitar

Terry Garner- Acoustic

Brad Hafner- Electric

Metro Gnome – Time keeper s102_metrognome


5 Responses

  1. Awesome set! 😛
    glad to see God is getting a hold of your youth group! our’s too! isn’t that awesome?!!?

  2. “Amazed” love that one!

  3. There’s such a joy watching the next generation finding their way. Continued blessings!

  4. WooHoo – 7 baptisms! Saweet! Man, I got to do Bring the Rain…thanks for the reminder! Blessings.

  5. 7 baptisms…!! Mate, even metro-gnome can’t keep up with that!!!! Good stuff mate!

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