The Downbeat 5.10.09

Greetings from Palestine, TX and Evangelistic Temple.

We had a great day in the Lord here.  As always, you need to check out Fred’s site here:


Walk in song – You Reign – MercyMe




God With Us – MercyMe

I Will Rise – Chris Tomlin

Jesus Messiah – Chris Tomlin


Nothing But the Blood – Matt Redman

Message – Dr. Barry Roberts – “Respect”

Testimony – Janice Harris

Come Home Running – Chris Tomlin

Offering – Paul Baloche

By the way, please pray for both of our acoustic guitar players.  Johnie injured his hand in a bicycle accident – hit a 50 pound pit bull going 25 mph (the bike, not the dog.  I don’t know how fast the dog was going…knowing pit bulls, it was headed straight for him as fast as it could go.  Not the kind of game of “chicken” you really want to play on a bike).  Terry was camping this week, but he is due to have knee surgery soon.  

**Cue Johnny Carson Tonight Show Theme**… the band

Darren “The Mustache” Goodman – lead vocals

Brad “P90X guru” Hafner – electric guitar/acoustic guitar

Danna “Lily, Lily, Lily, Legs, Lily” Hafner – Keys/background vocals

Vicki “Blondie” Stringfield – Keys

Cavin “The Jackyl – he’s stealth, Shawn” Dorsey – Bass/music director/the voice in our ears from nowhere

Jason “Moon Gel – he’s gellin’ like a felon” Stringfield – drums & gnome-keeper

Metro “I like long walks on the beach & bubblebaths” Gnome – timekeeper


5 Responses

  1. Great set list- bummer for your guitar player.

  2. Good stuff, and I’ll be lifting up your requests.

  3. That sounds pretty frightening! A collision with a 50lb Pit bull ouch! I pray he heals quickly.

  4. in my prayers

  5. Great setlist – love “God With Us”! We’ll be praying for him. Good guitar players (as you well know) are not easy to come by.

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