The Downbeat 5.24.09

Happy Memorial Day to everyone!  First off, thank you to all the men and women that protect our freedom to worhip the God that gave us this great country!  May you and your families be blessed by God for generations. 



Walk In – Where I Belong- MercyMe

Set Me Free – Casting Crowns Led by Dayne Weber

This one was a request to help go along with the testimony that would be given by Dayne’s wife, Nicci during the sermon.

Lift High – Fee

Prayer Offertory

Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone) – Tomlin

Grace Will Be My Song – Fee

Message: Dr. Barry Roberts “Take out the trash!” Part 4 of “Marriage Madness”

Altar:  Through  It All – Rueben, Morgan

Let My Heart Be Holy Ground –  John Moser

Closing: Though It All

It was a really great time  in the Lord today.  An awesome testimony was given that demonstrated what freedom feels like after the chains life ties you down with are broken.  Just inspiring!  You will be able to listen to the sermon at before the week is over.  I want to encourage you to check it out.

Both of our acoustic guitar players were not able to make the services today.  Terry, specifically, had knee surgery on Friday and is unable to stand for long periods of time.  Please pray for him.  So the worship team, as far as musicians go, was  all Passage North.  I got to cover both electric and acoustic parts at the same time. This is why I have an electric guitar that will do that sort of thing.

By the way, you can see what other worship leaders did in their church today over at Fred’s site.

NEW FEATURE *Sneak peek into songs and tweaks we’re working on*

Burn for You – Fee

New transition ideas 

Be blessed!


Band (Passage North follow us on twitter too)*twitter name

Darren Goodman – Lead vocals (PN)

Dayne Weber – Lead vocals on Set Me Free

Cavin Dorsey – Bass/Music Director (PN)*PNBassist

Jason Stringfield – Drums (PN)*jayhoss

Vicki Stringfield – Keys (PN)

Danna Hafner – Keys/Bgvs (PN)*dannahafner

Brad Hafner – Electric/Acoustic (PN)*bradhafnersfa




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