The Downbeat 8.9.09
August 9, 2009

IMG00022-20090804-2017Good day to all!  We had a marvelous time in praise and worship today.  We also had a baptism and 2 people came forward to proclaim that Jesus is now their Savior.  Just a wonderful day.  Don’t forget to go to Fred’s site and check out what other worship leaders did today.

Here is the list:

Walk In: Unveil – Jeff Deyo

Burn for You – Fee

Highest – Hillsong


Grace Will Be My Song – Fee

Yearn – Shane and Shane

Message: Dr. Barry Roberts –  “Change is not a 4 letter word (part 2)”


I Will Rise – Chris Tomlin

I’m Overwhelmed – Eric Lopez

Closing: Chorus to Grace Will Be My Song – Fee

Hear the sermon at Follow them on Twitter at

Band: (twitter names)

Darren Goodman – Lead Vocals

Cavin Dorsey – Bass/music director

Drew Roberts – percussion

Jason Stringfield – drums (jayhoss)

Danna Hafner – keys/lead vocals on Highest (dannahafner)

Vicki Stringfield – Keys

Terry Garner – Acoustic

Johnie Adams – Acoustic/bgvls

Brad Hafner – Electric guitar (fit2praise)

Metro Gnome – time keeper/in ear madness! (Wants a Twitter account because it’s a metro thing to do!)


Worship Confessional 2.1.09
February 1, 2009

Thanks everyone for stopping by to check out this weeks worship confessional but what God did comes first.

We had a baptism during the service and 2 came forward for salvation at the end of the service.  Our God is good! AMEN!

Our pastor, Dr. Barry Roberts, was out today.  He is fighting bronchitis.  So please pray that he has a speedy recovery.  Jason Harris, our senior youth pastor, preached today on “Enduring the Pruning”.  Often we like to “set the stage” for the Word.  This Sunday was no different:


Forever – Chris Tomlin

Unveil – Jeff Deyo

This is easily one of the bands favorite songs to play and worship to.  There is one lyric in the bridge that makes several of us cry at times while we are playing it.  See if you know which line it is.

Here is a video of Trent Schwartzentruber (Jeff’s guitar player) teaching how he plays the song.

Lift High – Fee

My wife has the privelege of starting this one.  She always does a great job.

Praise You In The Storm – Casting Crowns

Bring the Rain – MercyMe

Message: Jason Harris  “Enduring the Pruning”


This Is Our God – David Crowder


Be Lifted High – Michael W. Smith

As always, this is part of Fred McKinnon’s sunday setlist. Check it out.

Thanks for coming by.  Leave a comment and I will return the favor.  

Keep the Son in your eyes,



Darren Goodman – Vocals

Cavin Dorsey – Bass

Danna Hafner – Keys and BG vocals

Vicki Stringfield – Keys

Jason Stringfield – Drums

Johnie Adams – Acoustic and Bg vocals

Terry Garner – Acoustic 

Brad Hafner – Electric Guitar

Metro Gnome (faux hawk hairstyle and all) – the usual in ear madness.