The Downbeat 8.9.09
August 9, 2009

IMG00022-20090804-2017Good day to all!  We had a marvelous time in praise and worship today.  We also had a baptism and 2 people came forward to proclaim that Jesus is now their Savior.  Just a wonderful day.  Don’t forget to go to Fred’s site and check out what other worship leaders did today.

Here is the list:

Walk In: Unveil – Jeff Deyo

Burn for You – Fee

Highest – Hillsong


Grace Will Be My Song – Fee

Yearn – Shane and Shane

Message: Dr. Barry Roberts –  “Change is not a 4 letter word (part 2)”


I Will Rise – Chris Tomlin

I’m Overwhelmed – Eric Lopez

Closing: Chorus to Grace Will Be My Song – Fee

Hear the sermon at Follow them on Twitter at

Band: (twitter names)

Darren Goodman – Lead Vocals

Cavin Dorsey – Bass/music director

Drew Roberts – percussion

Jason Stringfield – drums (jayhoss)

Danna Hafner – keys/lead vocals on Highest (dannahafner)

Vicki Stringfield – Keys

Terry Garner – Acoustic

Johnie Adams – Acoustic/bgvls

Brad Hafner – Electric guitar (fit2praise)

Metro Gnome – time keeper/in ear madness! (Wants a Twitter account because it’s a metro thing to do!)


The Downbeat 6.14.09
June 14, 2009

Hello friends!

It’s that time again.  Sunday Setlists is now in it’s 4oth- something week of going on now.  That is just crazy!  I think I have missed 1 out of the last 30 or so.  Make sure to check out what everyone did at, especially if you’re looking to introduce new songs to your congregation for praise and worship.  It’s a great resource.

This week is the first week of the “Life Unchained” series of sermons in June by Dr. Barry Roberts.  If you missed last weeks sermon entitled “It’s not for everyone” by Jason Harris.  Listen to it here: It is a message that the entire church needs t hear.  Very powerful about how our American culture has snuck into and changed what the Bible actually says.

Alright, alright!  Here is the setlist from today:

Walk-In Burn for You – Fee

This was the first time we played this one for our congregation.  They seem to like it.  Obviously U2 influenced!  The first couple of listens to it and I was thinking “Where the Streets Have No Name” and the chorus to “I Will Follow” also could be sung as background vocals in there.  Great tune and a lot of fun to play if you’re an electric player with the dotted eighth note delay going.

Revival – Robin Mark

It has been a long time since we’ve done this one.  It’s at 140 bpm at 10 minutes long and poor Jason is keeping up with Metro Gnome pretty well but being worn down pretty quickly!  Sidenote here.  If your band isn’t playing with a metronome, it’s a great idea to start.  We attended the East Coast Worship Conference last June and Michael W. Smith’s drummer taught a class.  He said, “I will not play a single beat without a metronome in my in ears!”  That guy’s a big time pro and plays with one!  Oh yeah, and it’s made our drummer better!

You Are Enough – Eoghan Heaslip


Hear Us From Heaven – Jared Anderson

Yearn – Shane and Shane

Message – Dr. Barry Roberts “Life Unchained”


Revelation Song – Kari Jobe

Thanks for dropping in and checking out what we do.  May God continue to bless your efforts at your church.

Keep the Son in your eyes,


die Band:

Darren Goodman – Lead Sängers

Cavin Dorsey – Bassist/Musik Direktor

Drew Roberts – Percussionisten

Jason Stringfield – Der Trommler

Danna Hafner – Keyboarder/Hintergrund Sängerin

Vicki Stringfield – Keyboarder

Terry Garner – akustischer gitarrist

Johnie Adams – akustischer gitarrist/ Lead Sängers on “You Are Enough” and “Hear Us From Heaven”

Brad Hafner – elektrische gitarrist

Metro Gnome – Präzision Zeit Keeper Upper

The Downbeat 3.1.09
March 1, 2009

Well, it’s that time of the week again, where all of us worship leaders, musicians, and worshippers of the Holy One write about our experience with Him in worship for the day.  We had a great day at Evangelistic Temple, here in Palestine, TX.  The altars were flooded today at the invitation time.  God moved!

Alrightythen!!  In all, we did, 6 songs total and here is how the service went:

Our God Reigns – Michael W. Smith

This was our walk in song  (I don’t know why I’m calling it that, everyone was already in the sanctuary).  It was very powerful.

You Reign – MercyMe

Today must have been MercyMe day.  This one and the next 2 make up the bulk of our service today.  We introduced this one last week and wanted to keep it fresh on everyone’s mind.  They seem to like it.

Welcome – Brother Barry Roberts

How Great is Your Love – MercyMe

This has been a favorite of the band’s for a while.  We do the bridge 2 times and on some occasions we will segue into Let it Rain, but not today.  We went into…..

Bring the Rain – MercyMe

We’re big MM fans around here.  This is always a good one to do and often it lines up with what our pastor preaches.


Yearn – Shane and Shane

By far the most powerful song of the day prior to altar.

Message:  Brother Barry Roberts


Take All of Me – Hillsong

Really good song.  I think this is the second time to play this one in church.  We also used this one for the closing song and did a medley into Made Me Glad by Hillsong.  It went pretty well.

As always this is part of Sunday Setlists over at, but you can go directly to the link here:

You’re already here….so leave a comment!  I will reply on your blog or even on here if you don’t have a blog.  Thanks for coming.

Keep the Son in your eyes,



Darren – Vocals

Danna – Keys/bgvs

Vicki – Keys

Cavin – Bass

Johnie – Acoustic

Terry – Acoustic

Jason – Drums

Brad – Electric

Metro Gnome – Time warping madness! (128 bpm – 72bps….WHAT!?)