Metro Gnome Chronicles 10.11.09
October 11, 2009

Welcome to the blog, all you Facebooker’s and Tweeter’s!  Glad to have you along for my little Sunday afternoon worship recap.  Today was a little different as we have started  “dry runs” on recording the music portions of our worship services.  Hopefully soon I’ll be able to share snippets of those services with you.

Fred’s website has what other churches around the world did this Sunday as well.  Check that out here:

Now…the moment you’ve all been waiting for……the set list:

Walk In:

For Who You Are – Hillsong

Today was the day to play in the key of B, I guess.  It’s been a little while since we’ve played this one.  This one is much different from the original recording.  We tweeked it to our influences, which are Toto, Journey, Rush and a slew of other bands too.

Bless His Name – Jeremy Riddle

Great tune!  The church really likes this one and they were hungry for a touch from our King today.  It’s always exciting to have a service like this one was.

I Will Rise/Jesus Messiah Chorus only (Medley) – Chris Tomlin

The last time we medley’d these two together was Easter of this year.


Sweetly Broken – Jeremy Riddle

This one is fun for us! Towards the end of the song we go into the “Whoa whoa” part of Journey’s “Faithfully”.  We’ve always said if someone could find a way to make Journey’s music worship, people would worship to it.  We were right!

While I’m Waiting – John Waller

I fell in love with this song the instant I heard it on “Fireproof” while I watched it with my wife.  It’s a rocking song with a great message.

Message: Dr. Barry Roberts


I Can Only Imagine – MercyMe

I believe the last time we played this one was at a funeral 2 years ago.  It was funny because for Saturday service we were playing Amazed by Lincoln Brewster.  That one just morphed into this one.  So we added it to the set list this morning.


Amazed – Lincoln Brewster

See ya next week,



The Downbeat 8.9.09
August 9, 2009

IMG00022-20090804-2017Good day to all!  We had a marvelous time in praise and worship today.  We also had a baptism and 2 people came forward to proclaim that Jesus is now their Savior.  Just a wonderful day.  Don’t forget to go to Fred’s site and check out what other worship leaders did today.

Here is the list:

Walk In: Unveil – Jeff Deyo

Burn for You – Fee

Highest – Hillsong


Grace Will Be My Song – Fee

Yearn – Shane and Shane

Message: Dr. Barry Roberts –  “Change is not a 4 letter word (part 2)”


I Will Rise – Chris Tomlin

I’m Overwhelmed – Eric Lopez

Closing: Chorus to Grace Will Be My Song – Fee

Hear the sermon at Follow them on Twitter at

Band: (twitter names)

Darren Goodman – Lead Vocals

Cavin Dorsey – Bass/music director

Drew Roberts – percussion

Jason Stringfield – drums (jayhoss)

Danna Hafner – keys/lead vocals on Highest (dannahafner)

Vicki Stringfield – Keys

Terry Garner – Acoustic

Johnie Adams – Acoustic/bgvls

Brad Hafner – Electric guitar (fit2praise)

Metro Gnome – time keeper/in ear madness! (Wants a Twitter account because it’s a metro thing to do!)

The Downbeat 4.26.09
April 26, 2009

Greetings to all in the name of the Lord! 

Here is a really quick recap.  I was trying to get it done earlier in the day but a dear friend needed some assistance.  We had a couple of baptisms today and also, someone came forward for salvation.  My oldest and middle kids got honored for their achievement in Bible Drill at the state competition.  Just a great day!

Here comes the set list.  You can also see what other praise and worship leaders did here:


Walk in- Hosanna – Paul Baloche (PK7 version) Listen to it here:

Lifesong – Casting Crowns

You Reign – MercyMe

Highest – Hillsong

Through It All – Hillsong

Surrender – Mark James

Message: Barry Roberts


Eagles Wings – Hillsong

I’m glad you stopped by to check out the set.  Leave a comment.  I’m behind in commneting about everyone else’s set.  I promise I look at them all.  God Bless you all.

Keep the Son in your eyes,



Darren Goodman – Vocals

Cavin Dorsey – Bass/Music Director

Jason Stringfield – Drums

Danna Hafner – Keys/Bgvls

Vicki Stringfield – Keys

Johnie Adams – Acoustic

Terry Garner – Acoustic

Brad Hafner – Electric

Downbeat 4.12.09 Easter Edition
April 12, 2009

Happy Resurrection Day!  HE IS RISEN!!

Evangelistic Temple here in Palestine, TX had a wonderful time this weekend.  We played 3 services with both the B and C teams joining together. The B team is the contemporary worship team or the main morning service team and the C team is a newly created team with new musicians.  This was their first service ever as the C team and they did great.

By the way, 2 salvations and a someone came forward to join the church.  God….You amaze us! Thank you!!!

I know that I’m looking forward to what other worship leaders did Easter Day.  If you’re curious too, go here:

Walk In: Our God Reigns – Michael W. Smith

Great is Thy Faithfulness

Thief – Third Day

Our God Saves  – Paul Baloche

Our God Reigns – Lincoln Brewster

Jesus Messiah – Chris Tomlin

Revelation Song – Hillsong United

Hallelujah – Ben Cantalon

Message: Dr. Barry Roberts – “His Resurrection is Our Victory”

Worthy is the Lamb – Hillsong

Communion/Closing:  I Will Rise – Chris Tomlin

Overall it was a great weekend.  Thanks to everyone who allowed God to use them in such a wonderful way.

Keep the Son in your eyes,


C Team:

Steve -Electric Guitar

Jason – He and Metro Gnome played on both teams this time.

Ben – Bass

Anne Stillman-

Darren – Lead vocals

Lindsay- Lead/Bgvls

B Team

Jason – Drums

Cavin – Bass

Darren – Lead Vocals

Danna – Keys

Terry – Acoustic

Vicki – Keys

Brad – Electric

The Downbeat 3.15.09
March 15, 2009

Greetings to everyone.  Thanks for tuning in to what went on at Evangelistic Temple in little Palestine, TX.  As always, this is part of Fred’s Sunday Setlist blog.  Check it out here:

Today was a little different.  We didn’t have my wife playing keys since she is in the Mediterranean somewhere with her mom on a cruise.  With that said, Vicki did a great job, all alone, on keys today.  We can’t wait for Danna’s return though, or at least I can’t! 🙂

Let’s get to it:

For Who You Are – Hillsong (B)

We play this one a lot.  So today I tried some different ideas on the solo section out of C#Dorian and E Lydian.  Eh….I liked it better when it was improvised.  Oh well.

God With Us – MercyMe (B)

Great tune.  I use a very weird modulation effect on the guitar fill ins.  I have no idea what it is, but it sounds cool and I didn’t see any sour looking faces in the congregation.

Jesus Messiah – Chris Tomlin (B)

Announcements/Offertory: Dr. Barry Roberts

Gideon Presentation – The Gideons

Hallelujah – Hillsong United (Bb)

This was a new one for us.  REAL NEW!!  We decided, in Darren’s office this morning, to do it after offering time.  We’d never played it before.  Anyway, it went well.   Usually we have a longer song service too, but we started late.

Now….since you’ve made it this far, comment me please.  I try my best to comment back, but am not always able to do so. Chances are if you are participating in the goofyness we call Sunday Setlists too, I’m reading your blog.  I do try to comment when I have time to do so, but when someone comments on my blog I put in the extra effort to comment back. 

Keep the Son in your eyes,



Darren- Lead Vocals

Cavin – Bass/Musical director

Jason – Drums

Metro Gnome- Time keeper, in ear silliness

Johnie – Acoustic

Terry- Acoustic

Vicki – Keys

Brad- Electric/Acoustic